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			this site contains content for people over the age of 18 due to:

			Explicit sexual content (Vanilla and kink)
			Unhealthy relationship dynamics (including but not limited to abusive relationships, incestous/pseudo-incestuous relationships, etc.)
			Graphic gore/guro
			Mental Illness (such as Suicide and Drug Use)
			unreality (untrue things presented as fact)/horror content

			Every character portrayed in a sexual or suggestive manner is depicted as over the age of 18.

			oh, and this should be obvious, but i do not support or encourage abuse, assaulting people, or defending these actions.

			if this offends or bothers you in anyway, please leave. (and go do something you enjoy!)

			Also! this site runs html 5 and css 3, and is not formated for phones or tablets (and probably will never be, sorry!!) also this site is (most likely) not very accessible. I am working on this.

			by continuing to browse this site, you understand the terms listed above, and you give up the right to complain about anything posted to this site.